KD Omega Health Launches Double-Encapsulated Omega-3


The new KD-Kap omega-3 is “protected from oxidation and easily mixable in water,” according to KD Omega Health partners KD Pharma and nanoSaar.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Kasiam

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Kasiam

KD Omega Health (Bexbach, Germany) has rolled out a new line of microencapsulated fish oil omega-3 products, named KD-Kap, that it says are well suited for water-based applications. That’s because KD-Kap omega-3 is double encapsulated to allow for greater dispersion and protect the ingredients from oxidation, according to KD Omega Health, a joint venture between KD Pharma (Bexbach, Germany) and nanoSaar (Starnberg, Germany).

Because they are oils, it can be a challenge mixing omega-3s with water and they often end up floating on top of the water, explains René Kamminga, MD, vice president of nutrition and business development, KD Pharma. He says that microencapsulating the omega-3s alleviates the dispersion problem.

KD Omega Health uses its patented MicroJet Reactor technology to create the KD-Kap omega-3, which Kamminga explains as two-step process.

“The patented MicroJet Reactor essentially creates fine droplets of omega-3 oil and a coating/encapsulation material which are combined in a small mixing chamber,” says Kamminga. “These encapsulated oil particles are then passed through another MicroJet Reactor with a second coating material, which forms the second, or ‘double,’ coating.”

Currently, KD Omega Health is using sodium caseinate for the first step of encapsulation and xanthan for the second step of encapsulation, Kamminga says, but the company is also looking into other encapsulation materials for specific applications.

Aside from making the omega-3s more readily mixable in water, the double-layer encapsulation process also prevents KD-Kap from having an unpleasant fishy taste or odor, says Kamminga.

KD-Kap is suitable for dietary supplement, food, and beverage applications, according to KD Omega Health. KD Pharma provides the high-purity omega-3 solutions for the joint venture and nanoSaar contributes the patented encapsulation process technology.


Sidebar: KD-Pür Now IFOS Certified

KD Pharma also recently announced that its KD-Pür line of omega-3 concentrates is now certified under the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) from Nutrasource Diagnostics (Guelph, Ontario, Canada). The omega-3 concentrates were given a 5-star rating after the Nutrasource IFOS program found they were “produced in approved, certified manufacturing facilities and are registered according to the requisite authorities,” says KD Pharma. The program also ensured KD Pharma’s analytical methods meet the IFOS standard of testing.

“The benefits of such third party testing include consumer assurance of product quality, safety, and potency with the consumer reports adding an additional element of transparency for the consumer,” says Kamminga. “We look forward to working with our clients to strengthen their brands in the market and expanding our IFOS-certified omega-3 range even further.”


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