JRF Technology launches oral edible film with elderberry


JRF Technology LLC launched an edible film with BerryShield Elderberry from INS Farms to support immune health.

edible film

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JRF Technology LLC (Tampa, FL) launched an edible film with BerryShield Elderberry from INS Farms (Purdy, MO) to support immune health. JRF Technology offers services in formulating, blending, and mixing the ingredients needed for manufacturing a film that can be easily changed into functional forms including die cut contours, film strips, and new designs for packaging materials. 

This new technology using edible polymers opens new doors for implementing a delivery system with a variety of benefits such as color, flavor, sweetener, or other ingredients for dietary supplements, vitamins, and nutraceuticals. They are also recognized for their ability to create a film with a higher dose of an ingredient, compared to competitors. The potential benefit of the oral films is an increase in compliance. For example, JRF cites a recent survey in which 4 out of 10 North Amercians reported having difficulty swallowing pills. This can lead to consumers either delaying a dose of a supplements, missing taking it, or stopping altogether. 

JRF is now offering contract manufacturing services focusing on white label opportunities for both dietary supplement companies and retail brands. In addition to INS Farms, JRF is working with Fruit d’Or to create products using its Cran d’Or cranberry ingredient, and Immudyne, making products from its branded beta glucan Puremune.

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