Ingredion's New Insoluble Fibers Designed for Painless Formulation


Ingredion’s new Versafibe series of insoluble dietary fibers are aimed at offering low cost-in-use solutions for a variety of product types with “little to no impact on product texture, flavor, and color.”

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Ingredion (Westchester, IL) has debuted a new series of insoluble fibers that are aimed at offering low cost-in-use fiber fortification in a variety of product types with “little to no impact on product texture, flavor, and color.” The new Versafibe fibers are appropriate for pastas, baked goods, extruded products, and more.

The series currently includes two fibers, Versafibe 2470 and Versafibe 1490, both of which have low water-holding capacity, making them easy food starches to add to low-moisture applications without impacting product processing. That includes applications such as breads, crackers, cookies, and noodles.

Versafibe 2470, a corn-based fiber with a minimum total dietary fiber content of 70% on a dry solids basis, is ideal for applications with high-temperature and shear processing. It can also improve expansion in extruded products, Ingredion explains. Versafibe 1490, meanwhile, is a grain-free, potato-based dietary fiber with an 85% minimum total dietary fiber content on a dry solids basis. With formulation performance similar to white flour, Versafibe 1490 is ideal for improving texture in crackers, pastas, cereals, and snacks.

“We continue to experience an increased demand for fiber fortification and calorie and carbohydrate reduction in the retail and food service space,” says Igor Playner, Ingredion’s vice president of innovation and strategy for North America, in the launch announcement. “By formulating with Versafibe 2470 and 1490 dietary fibers, food developers now have the ability to meet the demand for higher-fiber products with ingredients that are practically invisible to consumers in terms of texture, flavor, and color.”

The Versafibe series of insoluble fibers join Ingredion’s other fiber offerings, including the Nutraflora prebiotic soluble fiber for digestive health, the Nutriose soluble fiber for weight management, and the Hi-Maize resistant starch for blood sugar management and energy lineup. Playner adds that Versafibe is a “synergistic companion” to Ingredion’s existing product lineup.


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