IFT Preview: Sprouted Brown Rice Protein


Gabiotein is said to contain all nine essential amino acids and provide a complete protein source over conventional rice protein.

This year’s IFT Food Expo marks ingredient supplier AIDP’s first big splash in the functional food and beverage industry. At the show, the company will feature Gabiotein, a proprietary, sprouted brown rice protein; as well as Magtein, a patented, research-based ingredient for cognitive health. AIDP will sample chocolate truffles made with Magtein and snack bars made with Gabiotein.

The company says Gabiotein addresses growing demand for protein in fortified functional foods and numerous other issues, including rising costs of other protein sources; a growing vegan market; and growing awareness of whey, soy protein, and other foods that lead to allergies and sensitivities.

Sprouting leads to beneficial nutritional changes, providing a “perfect protein” profile, the firm says; as such, Gabiotein contains all nine essential amino acids and provides a complete protein source over conventional rice protein. The firm says rice protein has similar muscle-building capabilities as whey protein. For formulators, Gabiotein is said to look, feel, and taste better than other leading rice proteins in the market due to unique processing. Other benefits include a smooth texture; neutral taste, color, and smell; and a liquid suspension time that is longer than other rice proteins.

In addition to the Gabiotein, AIDP will showcase Magtein magnesium L-threonate, a brain health ingredient whose magnesium form effectively crosses the blood-brain barrier and improves brain neuron density.

The company will also host a press conference titled “Sprouted Brown Rice Protein: Nature’s Protein Powerhouse,” on Monday, July 15, from 3:00-3:45 P.M. in room S102D. This session will highlight the burgeoning protein industry and talk about Gabiotein.

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