GLG Life Tech Pushing Reb C Stevia Extracts


Reb C can act as a sugar extender by intensifying the sweetness of sugar, says the company.

GLG Life Tech Corp. (Vancouver) has announced a five-year product supply agreement with International Flavor & Fragrances Inc. (New York City) for rebaudioside C (Reb C) extracts.

Reb C is a steviol glycoside extracted from stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) and GLG says the natural sweetening compound provides advantages that set it apart from the more conventional Reb A and other steviol glycosides.

“When combined with sugar, Reb C will intensify the properties of sugar,” said GLG marketing and communications director Charles Tremewen in an interview with Nutritional Outlook.  “Reb C is, in a sense, a sugar extender. You don’t need to use a lot of it, but you can extend your sugar supply with Reb C. IFF saw the benefit of this ingredient and they’re going to work with it.”

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