Gaia Herbs launches full-spectrum hemp line with high traceability


Like all of Gaia Herbs’ products, the new hemp extracts are fully traceable through the company’s Meet Your Herbs program.

Photo from Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs has launched a premium, full-spectrum hemp line. The line includes two products-a 10-mg and a 20-mg extract-that contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The products are available nationally in natural and health food stores.

The extracts come from hemp flowers, which the company says provide an important advantage. “Gaia Herbs chose to use the hemp flowers in its extracts, as they are known to be the main source of cannabinoids compared to other parts of the hemp plant,” it says in a press release. And because the extracts are full-spectrum extracts, as opposed to an isolated CBD extract, they contain a broad complex of cannabinoids. The company says the extracts “are made with sun-grown American hemp flowers, harvested and extracted with the care you would expect from the nation’s bestselling herbal products company.”

Gaia Herbs says it hopes its name recognition and quality-assurance measures lend credibility to its products within the fast-growing hemp-extract market. “With the recent passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which removed the labeling of hemp as a Schedule I substance, the marketplace has seen a mass influx of new hemp products of variable quality. This makes it difficult for consumers to know which products they can trust and take at face value. As the leading herbal brand in North America which has been producing premium plant-based supplements since 1987, our team felt that there was an opportunity as industry pioneers to develop and introduce full-spectrum hemp products crafted with the same superior quality and transparency that Gaia Herbs’ products are known for,” said Elena Lécué, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Gaia Herbs, in a press release.

She pointed out that, like all of Gaia Herbs’ products, the new hemp extracts are fully traceable through the company’s Meet Your Herbs program, which allows shoppers access to such information as how a product was tested, where it was grown, when it was manufactured, and more. The company says: “Gaia Herbs is one of the few companies producing hemp products in the world to provide this level of transparency to its customers.”

The company is also helping to expand hemp agriculture in the United States and is donating a portion of its hemp-product sales to hemp farmers.

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