Fluxome Part of EU Effort to Quicken Product Development with Software

January 12, 2012

It says such tools could help companies screen new product ideas.

Fluxome (Easton, PA) is taking part in a project to develop software that may help quicken the development time for products such as nutraceuticals. Although the company declined to provide specific details, it says that the three-year, €2.9 million BioPreDyn project is being funded by the European Commission and its Seventh Framework Program, which supports R&D efforts in the EU.

In an interview with Nutritional Outlook, Jean-Marie Mouillon, Fluxome’s R&D director, explained that project will focus on developing analysis software for use earlier on in the development process. It says such tools could help companies screen new-product ideas and optimize the production process in a “reliable, predictive, and quantitative way.”

“We hope that by using [a] more in silico [computer-simulated] modeling approach at an early stage of product development, we will be able to improve our screening capacity for new products [and] also be able to better estimate the timeframe of the development phase of a product,” said Mouillon. However, he added, “It is too early to explain how the software [will] work…”

Fluxome says it is the only nutraceutical company participating in the project. Eight academic labs and three industrial companies, all from Europe, are participating. As for the software’s end-users, Fluxome says they may be both research institutions and private biotechnology companies like Fluxome.