Flavorchem launches new on-trend natural flavors for seltzer category

Flavorchem announces the launch of clean-label, natural flavors for the seltzer category.

Flavorchem (Downers Grove, IL) has launched a new line of on-trend natural flavors for the growing hard seltzer category. The launch features eight flavors, including singular flavors and fruity flavor combinations: pomegranate, juicy pear, watermelon, honeydew melon, raspberry lychee, spiced orange cranberry, tangerine lavender, and lemon tea. They all-natural flavors meet many clean label requirements. 

“Flavors are clean, yet complex, and will give any product out on the market competition. These flavors have been specifically tested in both hard seltzer applications and non-alcoholic, seltzer water to meet any beverage preference or lifestyle need,” Niki Hernandez, R&D manager and senior flavorist, said in a press release.