Dupont Danisco Takes Bread Anti-Staling Portfolio to Europe


Danisco says its enzyme blends have already experienced success in North America.

DuPont Danisco (Copenhagen) is sending its premier bread anti-staling enzymes to the baked goods European market. Led by its POWERFresh enzymes and MAXLIFE maltogenic alpha-amylase blends, Danisco’s enzyme portfolio is particularly well-suited for white, wholemeal, and specialty bread products, such as brioche and panettone.

The POWERFresh line has already gained market presence in North America, says the company.

“Characteristic of the entire enzyme range is the ability to maintain a soft, moist crumb for considerably longer than traditional anti-staling solutions,” said Danisco in a recent press release. “It is this softness that consumers perceive as freshness when choosing which bread to buy. At the same time, the enzymes secure a high degree of resilience, ensuring braed products stay attractively in shape on store shelves.”

The company says it has organized independent consumer panels that show only slight changes in bread products after 10 days in storage.

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