DD Williamson’s Brown Coloring for Cream Cheese and Spreads

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An oil-dispersible caramel colorant gives manufacturers more versatility.

Less than a year ago, D.D. Williamson (Louisville, KY) announced a breakthrough with an oil-dispersible caramel colorant. Now, the company is actively marketing that caramel colorant for cream cheese and dairy spreads.

An image on D.D. Williamson’s news brief gives us an idea of one way this caramel hue might show up in cream cheeses and dairy spreads. As the company explains in its news release, the caramel color could bring a visual complement to flavour profiles that are sweet, savory, or suggestive of roasted fruits or vegetables.

Flecks of caramel aren’t possible with this application-it’s meant to provide a continuous saturation-but the company says it may have other options for imparting flecks of color.

Caramel colorants are often used to impart brown shades in foods and beverages. Earlier this year, the European Union commissioned its own safety report on consumer exposure to caramel colorants and saw no signs for concern.