Charles Ross Expands Static Mixers Inventory


Mixers are now available from stock just two weeks after order.

To meet increased demand, Charles Ross & Son Co. (Hauppauge, NY) has expanded inventory of its low-pressure-drop (LPD/LLPD) and interfacial surface generators (ISG) static mixers. Mixers are now available from stock just two weeks after order.

The LPD/LLPD models are widely used for low-viscosity, turbulent flow mixing of fluids, as well as for gas-liquid and gas-gas mixing. Units are offered in diameters ranging from 1 to 30 in., with applications including dilution, water treatment, emulsification, homogenization, pH control, heat transfer, and even blending of free-flowing solids.

The ISG model is idea for preparing viscous mixtures within a very short length of pipe. It is used for a variety of processes, including thermal and color blending, preparing water-oil emulsions, extrusion, and inline mixing of additives into a viscous fluid.

Mixers can be easily customized to include special coatings on the product contact surfaces, sanitary finish and construction, injection ports for minor product streams, and more.

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