Cellulite-reduction natural ingredient on display at Vitafoods Europe


Dimpless is a superoxide dismutase (SOD B) nutricosmetic ingredient derived from melon that is said to help reduce cellulite.

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At the upcoming Vitafoods Europe trade show taking place May 7-9 in Geneva, Switzerland, Robertet Health & Beauty (France) will highlight data from its second clinical trial on Dimpless, its superoxide dismutase (SOD B) nutricosmetic ingredient derived from melon that is said to help reduce cellulite.

The ingredient, first introduced in 2012, comes from Bionov, which is now part of the Robertet Group. It is said to be clinically proven to reduce visible cellulite on the thighs after 28 days of oral supplementation. Specifically, the SOD in Dimpless contains “recognized, anti-fibrotic properties” that act “against both collagen fibers fibrosis and fat cells hypertrophy, known as the two main causes of cellulite development,” the company says. “Through an increase in endogenous antioxidant enzymes, thus restoring a healthy oxidative status, Dimpless is able to positively impact lipolysis, adipocytes hypertrophy, and fibrosis.”

According to the company, the new, unpublished clinical study, which was completed in 2018, is the second done on Dimpless. This new 2018 study was conducted in 35 overweight women ages 25-50 with visible cellulite. Subjects were given two capsules of Dimpless daily, or 40 mg/day, for three months. Researchers found that Dimpless ingestion: 1) significantly reduced subcutaneous fat (by 25% on average after 90 days), and 2) accelerated reduction in hip and waist measurements (by 43% on average after 90 days). These results complement the first study done on Dimpless back in 2016, which showed significant reduction in visible cellulite.

Says the company in a press release: “Introduced to the market in 2012, Dimpless is one of the first oral ingredients for cellulite treatment, now benefiting from a doubly clinically demonstrated efficacy on cellulite. Natural, low-dose, safe, and environment-friendly, Dimpless is able to meet the needs and habits of today’s consumers and offer an effective alternative to traditional solutions.”

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