Carrefour Introduces First RSPO-Certified Cooking Oil


The global hypermarket is aiming to produce only certified sustainable palm oil by 2015.

Carrefour, a global hypermarket based out of Indonesia, has introduced ECOplanet cooking oil, the first cooking oil certified for sustainable palm oil under the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

ECOplanet is made with 100% Indonesian grown palm oil. In a recent announcement of the product, RSPO confirmed that strict auditing is assessing the cooking oil’s carbon footprint and its effect on local agriculture:

RSPO certification at the plantation level and the Trademark on the end product completes the loop from upstream to downstream within the supply chain and will reflect that sustainable oil palm cultivation does not contribute to the sustained destruction of valuable tropical forests or damage the interests of people in the regions where the palms are grown.

According to RSPO, Carrefour plans to certify 100% of its palm oil production as sustainable by 2015.

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