Bioriginal launches turnkey, private label product called Immune Enhance

Bioriginal launched a new private label offering called Immune Enhance.

Bioriginal launched a new private label offering called Immune Enhance. A turnkey solution, Immune Enhance is a two-piece capsule supplement that contains elderberry (Sambucus nigra), acerola, zinc, vitamins B6, C, and D3, ginger, and BioVin whole grape extract. The supplement is a clinically supported immune formula for both the innate and adaptive immune system.

“We specifically chose ingredients that would provide a boost to immune defense and make the most meaningful impact on health and wellness,” said Rakesh Kapoor, PhD, director of science & technology, in a press release. “Immune Enhance is a unique formulation made with only pure source ingredients, backed by science, to support a strong, responsive immune system.”

Joe Vidal, president of Bioriginal, said in a press release that Bioriginal will continue to develop products that address consumers’ needs. “With a heightened awareness on the importance of a strong immune system for overall health and wellness, the launch of Immune Enhance is an exciting development in direct response to market feedback from our colleagues and customers,” he said.