BASF Newtrition Launches Omega-3 Absorption Accelerating Technology


The novel omega-3 technology is designed to accelerate the nutrient’s absorption and ensure its delivery to the sites where the body most needs it.

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Amidst a growing market for omega-3 supplements-but a market in which omega-3 deficiency remains a global health issue-BASF Newtrition Omega-3 (Oslo, Norway) has introduced Accelon, a novel omega-3 technology designed to accelerate the nutrient’s absorption and ensure its delivery to the sites where the body most needs it.

The technology works by allowing the omega-3 to disperse quickly into a micro-emulsion upon entering the stomach. This micro-emulsion then passes into the intestinal lumen, where the extensive and easily accessed surface area of the micro-droplets makes for more effective digestion and enhanced release of EPA and DHA omega-3s in the free fatty acid form. According to a company statement, this means that significantly more EPA and DHA can diffuse and be absorbed through the mucosal cells and thus enter into circulation.

The company noted that studies have quantified a minimum fourfold improvement in omega-3 absorption relative to other high-concentrate omega-3 products-even on an empty stomach-courtesy of the new technology. Given that many consumers don’t take omega-3 supplements with food-despite advice to do so-the high rates of fasting absorption are impressive and could increase ease of use and compliance.

And for those consumers who do take the new ingredient with food, it still yields a rate of absorption 30% greater than what other omega-3 supplements achieve, the company statement noted, representing “a significant, distinct and relevant breakthrough for the omega-3 supplements category.”

Consumer research shows that supplement users “liked the idea of a turbo-charged, effectively absorbed ‘intelligent’ omega-3 which reaches the body’s cells where it’s needed, without having to take it with food or at a specific time of days,” said Øyvind Ihle, team leader at Newtrition Omega-3, in the press statement. “In fact, new product concepts featuring the Accelon logo on pack clearly resonated with consumers as they scored 30% higher on purchase intent than those without.”

Brand owners, he added, would be wise to take advantage of that edge. “People need simple and credible reasons to believe that it’s worthwhile taking omega-3 supplements regularly. This is what’s going to help brand owners build the category and we look forward to meeting them to discuss together how we can support their growth ambitions.”

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