BASF Introduces Innovative Baking Ingredients at IFT


The two new bakery ingredients make processing more efficient and boost product performance.

At the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) trade show today, BASF Nutrition & Health (Florham Park, NJ) introduced two new bakery ingredients that make processing more efficient and boost product performance.

Made largely from healthier mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, Lamequick whipping agents create a pleasant mouthfeel and light, creamy texture in products like whipped desserts, cream fillings and cake decorating, ice cream, and frozen desserts.  In decorating creams, it is said to produce sharp edges during piping, smooth texture during spreading, and stability during serving. Lamequick comes as spray-dried powder that can be whipped up with milk or water.

Another ingredient, Spongolit, is an aerating emulsifier that not only allows cakes to be produced faster and with consistent quality, but also creates excellent stability, volume, and crumb structure. “With Spongolit, all components may be added at the same time and whipped together,” BASF described. Spongolit comes as spray-dried powder and is ideal for small bakeries, large-scale cake manufacturing, and home-use cake mixes.

At the IFT show, BASF sampled these ingredients in a light and fluffy snack cake with a mousse filling. It also offered samples highlighting other company ingredients, including gummies containing Vegapure plant sterols, LycoVit lycopene, and Lucarotin beta-carotene; and Ginger Crisp cookies containing Dry n-3 omega-3 and vitamin D3.

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