AstaPure Astaxanthin Now Available in Mexico


Astaxanthin ingredients from Algatechnologies’AstaPure line are now available in Mexico through local company NaturaExtracta.

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Algatechnologies’ (Kibbutz Ketura, Israel) AstaPure astaxanthin will now be sold in Mexico for the first time, thanks to a new distribution agreement that makes ingredients from the AstaPure range available through local company NaturaExtracta (Guadalajara, Mexico).

Among the reasons why Algatechnologies is looking to the Mexican supplements market, the company points to Euromonitor figures suggesting sales of dietary supplements will increase by 4% per year in Mexico until 2020, reaching an estimated value of $1.25 billion. Dietary supplements positioned on natural antioxidant content have also encountered a strong demand, with Mintel data suggesting that positioning appearing in 41% of all new supplements launched in Mexico from the past year, says Algatechnologies.

“In general, Mexican consumers have become more health conscious, more inclined to buy dietary supplements, and more likely to have a higher disposable income than before,” says Gary Brenner, business and sales development manager, Algatechnologies. “We’re very pleased to be teaming up with NaturaExtracta to tap into their extensive knowledge and experience of this important market.”

Sourced from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, AstaPure has been marketed for its benefits in a range of health areas, including cardiovascular, cognitive, eye, skin, joint, immune, and muscle health. Algatechnologies says the new collaboration with NaturaExtracta will also make AstaPure available to beauty and personal care companies in Mexico, in addition to dietary supplements.

“Our new strategic alliance with Algatechnologies is great news for the Mexican market,” says Gillermo Limón, managing director, NaturaExtracta. “Dietary supplement and personal care businesses here will at last have easy access to the potent antioxidant power of AstaPure ingredient solutions-enabling them to formulate their products with this high-quality astaxanthin and create a distinct point of difference for their brands.”


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