Are Taura’s Mini Fruit Pieces the World’s Smallest?


The fruit products purveyor just made its fruit pieces even smaller, opening up opportunities for fruit sensations like never before.

For better dispersion of fruit pieces in food products, fruit products supplier Taura Natural Ingredients (Tauranga, New Zealand) is making its fruit pieces even smaller.

The company’s new Mini’s are reportedly as small as a grain of quinoa, allowing manufacturers to even distribute fruit flavor, color, texture, and aroma throughout products. The smaller size even allows fruit pieces to travel through narrow openings, such as drinking straws or small nozzles on production equipment. The results are fruit pieces in more places than ever before.

Taura’s fruit manipulation is based on its proprietary Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC) process, which the company says removes moisture from fruit products quickly enough so as not to damage the fruit’s nutrition.

Taura suggests using its new fruit pieces in many of the same applications as its larger-sized pieces, such as in cereals, cookies, chocolates, and ice creams. For now, the bake-stable Mini’s are available from apricot, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, mango, and orange.

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Nils Hoem and Nutritional Outlook editor Sebastian Krawiec
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