Affron saffron ingredient receives US patent for mood support


Affron, from Pharmactive Biotech Products, was awarded a U.S. patent for its role in mental wellbeing.


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Affron, from Pharmactive Biotech Products (Madrid, Spain), was awarded a U.S. patent for its role in mental wellbeing. Affron contains a high concentration of crocins and safranals—the carotenoid pigments responsible for saffron’s bioactivity, color, and organoleptic qualities.

“This new accreditation marks a momentous milestone for Affron, as it positions it as a leading-edge formulation at the forefront of the U.S. cognitive health category,” said Marguerite Gerritsen, managing director for Pharmactive, in a press release.

Pharmactive has scientifically demonstrated its formulation’s fast-acting capabilities and high bioavailability in a pharmacokinetics study. The ingredient is also supported by six clinical studies demonstrating a positive effect on multiple aspects of mental well-being, including stress relief, improved mood, induced positive feelings, and enhanced sleep quality. It is also the first commercial extract that has clinically demonstrated capacity to raise teens’ spirits.

“Affron’s mood-enhancement capabilities are owed largely to its role in the inhibition of the reuptake of mood-related neurotransmitters, according to the broader spectrum of scientific literature,” said Alberto Espinel, head of strategic R&D in active and functional natural ingredients for Pharmactive, in a press release. “Affron possesses a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory impact. This capacity not only balances levels of key neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, but also fights the oxidative stress that stress produces in the brain.”

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