Wiley’s Finest expands beyond fish oil to target plant-based dietary supplement consumers


These new lines are called Bold Heart by Cardiosmile and CatchFree Omega. 

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Image courtesy of Wiley's Finest

Wiley’s Finest (Coshocton, OH) has expanded beyond wild Alaskan fish oils by launching two new product lines, with three new formulas targeting plant-based consumers. These new lines are called Bold Heart by Cardiosmile and CatchFree Omega.

"From day one, our brand was always designed to be more than 'just' exceptional quality fish oil. We are passionate about the essential fatty acid category, and about our mission to serve the health and nutrition needs of all shoppers," said Sam Wiley, Wiley's Finest CEO, in a press release. “We recognize there are millions around the world who choose not to eat animal products, and our commitment to serve the health of everyone on the planet has just taken a major step forward."

Bold Heart contains 2 g of pine tree sterols per serving and comes in a convenient liquid stick pack which can be easily mixed into foods and beverages, hot or cold. "We believe this formula can change the face of healthcare by offering a natural solution for lowering cholesterol," said Wiley. “Plant sterols are certainly not new or novel; they are a normal part of our diet, but science shows consuming higher amounts of plant sterols effectively manages cholesterol levels. The beauty of the Bold Heart formula is the innovative, patented liquid delivery system developed by our partners at Cardiosmile."

CatchFree Omega is a full spectrum blend of branded Ahiflower seed oil and Algarithm algal DHA, with the addition of MenaQ7 vitamin K2 and Vitashine vitamin D3. It comes in two delivery formats: soft gel and a Tropical Mango flavored liquid oil. Ahiflower contains a full spectrum of healthy fats such as ALA Omega-3, SDA Omega-3, and GLA Omega-6 fatty acids. Wiley’s Finest has chosen Algarithm algal DHA as the flagship ingredient of the CatchFree line.

All three products are certified non-GMO by NSF and Vegan by the Vegetarian Society.

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