VIK partners with Orivo for omega-3 origin guarantee in China


Orivo will certify VIK, a krill oil brand, with an origin guarantee for its omega-3 supplements. 


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Orivo (Molde, Norway), an omega-3 origin verification tech company, will certify VIK (Qingdao, China), a krill oil brand, with an origin guarantee for its omega-3 supplements. 

“We will actively market the Orivo certification to drive value for our brand, including placing the Orivo logo on product labels together with QR code to access the authenticity certificate for the product consumers just have bought,” Product manager of VIK, Yannice Xu, said in a press release. 

Each VIK production batch will be tested by Orivo´s science center. “We have developed advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms to create so-called chemical fingerprints of omega-3 oils and built a proprietary reference database consisting of fingerprints of the most common omega-3 sources from around the globe, including krill oil,” said Erik Fuglseth, PhD, CTO of Orivo, in a press release. “We can, therefore, match the fingerprints in our reference database with any sample from any brand, species, or origin to give evidence-based proof of authenticity and ultimate transparency to end users.”
Orivo’s technology is also supported by science. “The actual laboratory analysis technique is the same one being used in cancer research and authentication of wine,” Fuglseth explained. “The powerful machine learning algorithms used to build our chemical fingerprints and reference database are similar to the ones being used by web search engines and social media platforms.”
To add a second layer of authenticity, “Orivo will routinely shop VIK products as regular consumers in the marketplace and analyze them in their lab to ensure compliance and verify authenticity,” Xu said. “This gives our clients two important guarantees: It verifies that the samples sent from our production partners are authentic, and additionally, it allows us to discover irregularities and uncover possible copy-cats in the marketplace. This is of tremendous value to our end users, who can now be certain they are getting the highest quality krill oil available every time they buy a box of VIK.” 

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