Two new studies demonstrate men’s health benefits of Tongkat ali


Two recent studies show new evidence that HP Ingredient's LJ100 Tongkat Ali extract supports men's health, including healthy aging, sexual function, and fitness.

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HP Ingredients’ (Bradenton, FL) proprietary Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) ingredient LJ100 has been the subject of two new recently published studies, demonstrating the ingredient’s benefits for men’s healthy aging, and fitness. In the first study, published in Maturitas1, 45 men with androgen deficiency of aging males (ADAM) were divided in four groups: 1) control + placebo, 2) control + Eurycoma longifolia (200 mg), 3) concurrent training + placebo, 4) concurrent training + Eurycoma longifolia (200 mg). Concurrent training consisted of three 60-minute sessions per week. During the six-month study, researchers measured testosterone levels, and assessed erectile and sexual function with the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) and Aging Male Scale (AMS) at baseline, one month, four months, and six months.

Results showed that both group 3 and 4 saw improvements in erectile function scores, 4.87% and 15.21%, respectively, but the combination of concurrent training and Eurycoma longifolia saw the most significant improvements in erectile function. Sexual satisfaction significantly improved in group 2 by 29% and 34% in group 4, while sexual desire significantly increased by 235% in group 4. Researchers found that testosterone influenced the change in sexual desire score. After six months, testosterone levels increased by 48.4% in group 2, 29.33% in group 3, and 48% in group 4. Compared to group 1, group 2 had 55% higher testosterone levels after six months.

In the second study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice2, which includes the same cohort, divided subjects into four groups: 1) control, 2) Eurycoma longifolia, 3) concurrent training, and 4) concurrent training (CT) with Eurycoma longifolia. Researchers measured muscle strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, anthropometry, as well as testosterone and lipid profiles at baseline, one month, four months, and six months.

Results showed that isokinetic peak torque of the knee extensors ­– a measure of muscle strength – increased in the CT group by 14% and by 17% in the CT + Eurycoma longifolia group. Isokinetic peak torque of knee flexion increased only in the CT and Eurycoma longifolia group. For all the participant, testosterone levels were correlated with isokinetic peak torque of knee extensors and flexion. Additionally, subjects in the CT (27.3%) and CT + Eurycoma longifolia (36.1%) saw decreased symptomatology of ADAM.

“These two studies overall validate our previous research on LJ100 in men, which is compelling news for formulators,” said Annie Eng CEO of HP Ingredients, in a press release. “As more men are proactive about their health and no longer embarrassed to take measures to support their sexual abilities and virility, LJ100 is a powerful tool for this ever-growing audience.”

“HP Ingredients’ tagline is ‘Where Science Never Sleeps,’ and these new published human studies (with more forthcoming) represent our commitment to helping our brand partners stand out in the marketplace with fresh research demonstrating efficacy and safety in the nutraceutical solutions they seek to improve their lives and well-being,” added Hame Persaud, executive vice president of HP Ingredients.


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