TruBiotics’ new women’s health probiotic supplements support the microbiome, multiple health benefits, and a range of life stages


The new probiotic capsules and gummy supplements support women’s health concerns like digestive, vaginal, urinary, and bone health, and hair, skin, and nail health.

Photo of Women’s Probiotic + Collagen Sugar-Free Gummies from TruBiotics.

Photo of Women’s Probiotic + Collagen Sugar-Free Gummies from TruBiotics.

PanTheryx’s probiotic-supplements brand TruBiotics has launched two new supplements for women’s health. Both products contain probiotics, and each addresses different multiple health needs to support women in different stages of life.

As the company states, “TruBiotics Women’s probiotics are a unique blend of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that support women’s overall health at different ages. When taken daily, the probiotics provide numerous benefits that support women’s evolving microbiomes and different health needs.”

The TruBiotics Women’s Capsules address concerns about vaginal health and bone density, especially during menopause. The product includes the following probiotic strains: Bifidobacterium animalis, which the company calls “one of the most scientifically studied types of beneficial bacteria for digestive health,” as well as Lactobacillus reuteri and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, “the two most clinically studied probiotic strains to keep vaginal pH and yeast in balance.” It also features calcium and vitamin D3 to optimize bone and immune health.

Meanwhile, the TruBiotics Sugar-Free Gummies are designed to proactively support women’s overall health needs. The gummies contain the probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis DE111, which the firm calls “the most clinically researched bacillusprobiotic for digestive and immune health.” It also offers 500 mg of cranberry fruit extract to protect the urinary tract, as well as collagen, biotin, and vitamin C to help maintain hair, skin, and nail health. Finally, the product contains prebiotic fiber, isomalto-oligosaccharides. The cranberry-raspberry–flavored gummies are “the only probiotic gummy on the market that has no sugar and is free of gluten and gelatin,” the firm adds.

“Most women don’t realize the importance of maintaining their gut health as it impacts so many other areas of the body,” said Dr. Keri Marshall, chief medical officer of Virtu Health Solutions and medical and scientific consultant to PanTheryx, in a press release. “Also, 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract, demonstrating the importance of keeping the gut healthy. From puberty to pregnancy and through the menopausal years, a women’s body continually goes through changes. Multi-benefit product solutions like those from TruBiotics can help give women the foundation to build a healthy gut microbiome while supporting their overall health.”

The company also commissioned a survey in women consumers. It revealed that more female shoppers are taking a more proactive approach to addressing changing health needs as they age.

The press release states: “In time for Women’s Health Month, the brand commissioned a survey among women, conducted by OnePoll, to better understand women’s sentiments around the most unexpected parts of aging, how their health needs change over time, and how they address them. The Understanding Aging Women’s Health Concerns and Needs survey found that over three-fourths of women (77%) noticed certain body changes over the past decade, but less than a third (30%) felt ‘very prepared’ for them. As women mature, three in five (60%) say they are being more proactive about their everyday health concerns and are taking more vitamins/supplements than they previously did to help combat signs of aging.”

In the survey, women of all ages also reported experiencing digestive challenges. Other health concerns they expressed included eye health, thinning/graying hair, body aches, weight gain, and memory challenges. In addition, the survey found that more women are now seeking age-related health information from registered dietitians and integrative medicine practitioners as well as from online health websites, rather than just relying on information from their primary care doctors.

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