Tieraona Low Dog, MD joins NOW board of directors

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Low Dog is an expert in integrative medicine, an educator, and an author.

NOW (Bloomingdale, IL) has announced the addition of Tieraona Low Dog, MD, to its board of directors. Low Dog is an expert in integrative medicine, an educator, and an author with a CV that includes four books with National Geographic, 54 peer-reviewed scientific articles, and 24 chapters for medical textbooks.

“As a successful businesswoman and respected leader in our industry, Dr. Low Dog will bring a valuable perspective to our board of directors,” said Dan Richard, NOW’s vice president of global sales and marketing and a member of the board, in a press release. “She also shares the belief in a long term, holistic viewpoint in making decisions, which has always been an important component of NOW’s business direction as a family-owned company."

Low Dog has been honored by Time Magazine as “Innovator in Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” NPR’s The People’s Pharmacy Award for Excellence in Research and Communication for the Public Health, the American Herbal Products Association’s Herbal Insight Award, and more.

“I am deeply honored to join the board at NOW. I share the company’s long-standing commitment to high quality, affordable natural products, as well as their many initiatives that support sustainability, conservation, and community wellbeing,” said Low Dog. “I look forward to serving.”