Thorne supplements strengthen esports reach with new multiyear Team Liquid partnership


The multiyear collaboration will introduce top esports athletes and casual gamers to Thorne’s products—and study their effects in athletes.

Team Liquid influencer Alixxa pictured with Thorne product. Photo from Thorne HealthTech and Team Liquid.

Team Liquid influencer Alixxa pictured with Thorne product. Photo from Thorne HealthTech and Team Liquid.

Thorne HealthTech (New York City) and esports organization Team Liquid (the Netherlands) announced a multiyear partnership that will introduce top athletes and casual gamers alike to Thorne’s wellness and nutritional supplement products. Thorne has been named the official “Health and Wellness Partner” of Team Liquid, a worldwide professional esports organization. Thorne’s products provide nutritional support, restful sleep, and mental focus, all of which can benefit the esports community.

Thorne will offer its personalized health and wellness solutions—including quizzes, health tests, and nutritional supplements—to the Team Liquid community, which ranges from professional athletes to casual gamers. These nutritional supplements can support these athletes by optimizing peak performance, endurance, and recovery, as well as supporting restful sleep and mental focus. Team Liquid influencers such as AverageJonas, Tiffae, Alixxa, and Acie will become Throne brand ambassadors.

“For Team Liquid, this partnership represents the next step in our 360, holistic approach to athlete training, as well as promoting healthy best practices for our extended Liquid community and fans,” said Steve Arhancet, co-CEO of Team Liquid, in a press release. “In the past, the physical demands put on the bodies of esports athletes were often overlooked by the industry, but working with Thorne will empower our organization to address how to best educate and fuel our athletes in a way that helps them reach maximum potential.”

Thorne’s press release adds: “The partnership with Thorne empowers Team Liquid to continue addressing their macro goal of transforming the professional training experience and establishing new industry-wide health and wellness practices and standards.”

Team Liquid has already embarked on this goal. For instance, earlier this year, Team Liquid implemented a “groundbreaking” global training program to quantify, analyze and assess esports athletes’ cognitive capabilities “competing at the highest level to determine the innate ability of the athlete and extended mental potential.”

“This type of cognitive testing underpins the direct link between success in gaming and high-performing cognitive abilities like attention, memory, information processing, and task-switching,” the press release adds.

Thorne and Team Liquid are also planning to co-author a case study examining the performance of Thorne’s products and health practices in Team Liquid athletes. The study will be led by Team Liquid’s Director of Performance Chang-Hyun Ko and Thorne’s Director of Sports Science Joel Totoro.

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