Taiyo’s MorActive moringa seed and Sunfiber combo ingredient now Informed Ingredient certified


Informed Ingredient certification is also useful for companies aiming to comply with Amazon’s safety-documentation requirements for dietary supplements.

Photo © AdobeStock.com/blackday

Photo © AdobeStock.com/blackday

MorActive, an ingredient from Taiyo International (Minneapolis) that combines moringa seed extract and Taiyo’s Sunfiber ingredient, is now Informed Ingredient certified. This certification signifies that the ingredient is free of impurities and substances banned for sports nutrition products. The ingredient joins other Taiyo ingredients carrying Informed Ingredient certification, including Sunfiber, Suntheanine, Matcha, Teavigo, and SunActive IsoQ.

According to the company, “MorActive has been shown to have a clinically significant effect on lower back discomfort at a very low dose. Additionally, Taiyo’s Sunfiber is used as the nutritional carrier to eliminate the need for maltodextrin.”

Products with Informed Ingredient certification, administered by LCG, are tested for banned substances. Certification looks at the ingredient’s entire manufacturing process.

Taiyo points out that Informed Ingredient certification also helps companies trying to comply with Amazon’s requirement that dietary supplement sellers provide documentation to demonstrate accurate labeling and cGMP compliance. Says the company in a press release, “Informed Ingredient certification is also a huge convenience for customers who sell dietary supplements on Amazon because it is a first step in LGC’s Informed Choice and Informed Sport certification, which in addition to evaluating the raw ingredient and manufacturing process also involves a monthly retail monitoring and testing program. LGC’s certification is one of Amazon’s approved third-party quality-certification programs required for selling dietary supplements on its site.”

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