Sweeteners with Reduced Particle Size Allow for More Precise Processing, Steviva Says


Steviva now offers powdered sweeteners in particle sizes ranging from 30 to 230 mesh.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Dirk Richter

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Dirk Richter

The texture and functionality of some natural sweeteners can make certain food and beverage applications challenging, but Steviva Ingredients (Portland, OR) says its new sweeteners in reduced particle sizes will allow for more precise formulation processes. Steviva’s entire line of powdered sweeteners are now available in particle sizes ranging from 30 to 230 mesh.

“Having the right particle size affects food and beverage processing methods that require precision, such as tempering chocolate,” explained Thom King, president and CEO, Steviva Ingredients.

Along those lines, Steviva is also launching its new ErySweet Plus Ultra, an “ultra-fine mesh” of stevia blend and erythritol designed to showcase the tempering capability of a reduced-particle-size natural sweetener in chocolate applications. ErySweet Plus Ultra folds into any cold or hot process with a heat tolerance of more than 250 °F, is finer than confectionary sugar, and can be used in smooth frostings, fillings, coatings, or fondants, according to Steviva.

Additionally, Steviva’s precise particle-crafting technology also allows for customized particle shape, as well as particle size.

“By being able to control not only particle size but also shape will be a game changer for those working with beverages requiring instant dissolvability, uncooked processes such as meringues and confections, as well as glazes and coatings on bars and cereals,” King said.

The reduced particle sizing is also available for other powdered natural sweetener lines from Steviva, including its CocoSweet Plus, Fructevia, MonkSweet Plus, SteviaSweet RA90, and XeroSweet Plus.


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