Sweegen offers free services to test Reb M stevia samples for adulteration


The company claims that some Reb M ingredients sold in the U.S. and EU markets could be adulterated.

Photo © iStockphoto.com

Photo © iStockphoto.com

Stevia supplier Sweegen (Foothill Ranch, CA) is now offering free adulteration testing for samples of Reb M stevia ingredients. According to the company, some Reb M ingredients sold in the U.S. and EU markets in particular could be adulterated.

The company states in a press release: “Sweegen is actively investigating reports of adulterated Reb M originating from China and entering the U.S. and EU markets directly or indirectly. The company is committed to thorough research and plans to collaborate with relevant authorities to report findings to U.S. and EU customs.”

Of testing the company says it performed on Reb M samples so far, the press release states: “Through independent testing, the company has determined that certain third-party Reb M products sold to food and beverage companies under the label claims of ‘Reb-M 95%,’ ‘Bioconversion Reb-M 95%,’ or ‘Stevia (Organic) Extract Reb-M 95%’ are not made through extraction or bioconversion.”

It says: “It is essential to note that bioconversion holds the advantage of claiming non-GMO verification.”

Sweegen supplies brand name stevia ingredient Bestevia Reb M, which it says is made using a proprietary bioconversion process.

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