Sugar-reduction foodTech start-up Better Juice preps for commercial production with first full-capacity manufacturing plant

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The site will produce the company’s “proprietary sugar-reducing immobilized enzymes,” the firm says.

Sugar-reduction foodTech start-up Better Juice Ltd. (Ness Ziona, Israel) is laying the groundwork for commercial production by building its first full-capacity manufacturing plant. The site, which will be located in the Nes Ziona science park south of Tel Aviv, will produce the company’s “proprietary sugar-reducing immobilized enzymes,” the firm says.

Better Juice’s technology enables companies to reduce up to 80% of the simple sugar content in fruit juices and fruit-based condiments, without diluting the product and without degrading any naturally occurring nutrients. The process “only gently” reduces the product’s sweetness without impacting its body and flavor. It can be used to decrease the naturally occurring simple sugars in other products as well, including jam, yogurt, ice cream, and sorbet.

“The new facility will enable the company to fulfill current commissions from juice producers globally, as well as respond to anticipated new demands,” the firm’s press release states. The company’s technology “produces proprietary beads composed of non-GMO microorganisms that naturally convert the juice’s composition of fruit sugars into sucrose, glucose, and fructose into better-for-you prebiotic and other non-digestible fibers.”

The new site will include commercial-scale equipment, including an industrial fermenter and industrial immobilization processor. “The new plant has a production capacity to support sugar reduction of 250 million liters of juice per year,” the firm adds.