Social media post from Provezza Health draws unwanted attention from NAD


The National Advertising Division (NAD) claims that Provezza Health's Instagram post made illegal COVID-19 claims.


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The National Advertising Division (NAD) opened an inquiry regarding Provezza Health’s (New York City, NY) elderberry syrup after the firm featured an Instagram post that read, “Potent Immune Support During A Severe Season. Provezza is highly concentrated to deliver antioxidant action for immune defense.”

Provezza Health informed NAD that the post was permanently discontinued prior to the inquiry, and though the firm disagreed that the post implied it can protect consumers against the Coronavirus, it said Provezza would refrain from making express or implied claims with a similar message moving forward.

NAD shares the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and FDA’s concerns regarding supplement manufacturers touting that their products can cure or increase consumers’ immunity to protect them from COVID-19. It is using its monitoring resources to seek out product claims that are misleading with health-conferring benefits related to COVID-19.

According to a press release, Provezza Health thanked NAD for “its ongoing monitoring efforts of the dietary supplement industry” and stated that it has “never expressly or impliedly claimed to treat COVID-19 or any other disease, and we will continue this policy into the future.”

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