Shaklee debuts antiaging supplement called Vivix whose active polyphenols come from a one-of-a-kind grape


The active ingredient comes from muscadine grape, which Shaklee says is the only grape with an extra pair of chromosomes.

Photo from Shaklee

Photo from Shaklee

Supplements brand Shaklee has launched a brand new antiaging supplement called Vivix. The cellular health supplement features an active ingredient from muscadine grape, which Shaklee says is the only grape with an extra pair of chromosomes.

According to the company, “the secret behind this remarkable product is the muscadine grape, which is celebrated for its unique and highly concentrated polyphenol profile. Grown in the southeast of the United States, in very harsh growing conditions, the muscadine grape is totally unique. It is the only grape that has an extra pair if chromosomes. Scientists hypothesize that the extra genetic material contains instructions for survival mechanisms, and the muscadine’s super think skin is incredibly rich in polyphenols. This powerful ingredient offers natural antioxidant properties capable of neutralizing the harmful molecules that damage cells and contribute to aging.”

Vivix includes other protective ingredients as well, like resveratrol and red wine extract. Together, the ingredients create a “blend with synergistic effects that are 13-times more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing the formation of damaging AGE proteins [advanced glycation end products]," the firm says.

The company says Vivix was shown in a clinical study1 to help activate cell defenses and protect again cellular damage. A combination of laboratory and clinical studies showed that the ingredients in Vivix can reduce DNA damage by 62%, boost cellular energy production by 98.8%, reduce the formation of AGE proteins by 13 times, blunt inflammatory responses to an unhealthy meal, neutralize free radicals, and protect against oxidative stress. It is also said to be backed by 27 global patents.


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