Roquette launches plant-based softgel capsule, Lycagel


Roquette launched Lycagel, a pharmaceutical-grade solution for vegetarian softgel capsule formulations made from pea starch.


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Roquette (Geneva, IL) launched Lycagel, a pharmaceutical-grade solution for vegetarian softgel capsule formulations for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. The plant-based delivery system is made of pea starch; carrageenan, a setting agent sourced from marine macro algae; Neosorb sorbitol, also plant-based; and Na+ (salt), a jellifying agent.

“The launch of Lycagel marks a new era for softgel formulations and manufacturing. Manufacturers no longer need to compromise on performance when launching a vegetable softgel solution,” said Paul Smaltz, head of Roquette’s Global Pharmaceutical business unit, in a press release “Designed to be easily adaptable to existing gelatin processes, Lycagel can support businesses in bringing vegetarian alternatives to market quickly, without significant changes to existing operations.”

The Lycagel system offers excellent capsule strength, seal integrity, quick-drying time with no stickiness, fast disintegration, and no cross-linking and higher processing temperature suitability compared to gelatin. Lycagel gives manufacturers greater flexibility with ingredients that require higher processing temperatures such as pastes and waxes.

“Lycagel gives manufacturers the opportunity to take vegetarian softgel formulation further than ever before,” Smaltz said. “As well as offering advanced performance, the pea starch system delivers on consumer visual appeal too – producing capsules with a transparent, shiny finish and excellent reproducibility. This launch represents Roquette’s continued commitment to ensuring its customers remain at the forefront of innovation.”

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