Revyve to debut egg replacer made with upcycled brewers yeast


Revyve to debut egg replacer for texturizing and binding plant-based burgers.

Burgers made with revyve egg replacer. Photo credit: Alessa Joseph

Burgers made with revyve egg replacer. Photo credit: Alessa Joseph

The foodtech company revyve is debuting a minimally-processed egg alternative that replaces eggs as a binder or texturizer in plant-based burgers without the need for starches, emulsifiers or other additives. The ingredient is made from upcycled brewer’s yeast.

“Yeast has been the star of the show in beer brewing, winemaking and bread baking for millennia,” explains Edgar Suarez Garcia, PhD, revyve’s chief technology officer and co-founder, in a press release. “At revyve, we have taken yeast functionality to the next level. Products manufactured with revyve single-ingredient yeast proteins take on true-to-form textures. Revyve offers exceptional heat-set gelling, binding and emulsification. Burgers retain water and oil at hot and cold temperatures; they brown and sizzle on the grill and hold their shape when flipped and sandwiched in a bun.”

According to Suarez Garcia, the egg replacer acts similarly to egg whites. “When cooked in a patty mixture, revyve becomes firm yet springy, forming a binding network around the other ingredients,” says Suarez Garcia. “Revyve’s secret lies in the unique combination of functional proteins and fibers created by our patented technology. Manufacturers appreciate that when paired with other ingredients, revyve can eliminate the need for methylcellulose, which has numerous functional and labeling downsides.”

Priced competitively with eggs, revyve says that the egg replacer is also easy to use with standard processing equipment and complies with international regulatory requirements. The egg replacer makes its debut at IFT First, taking place between July 15-17, 2024 in Chicago, IL.

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