Pureture launches plant-based casein

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The company says the animal-free casein “fully replicates” the taste, texture, and function of its traditional counterpart.

A biotech company called Pureture (New York City) is launching an animal-free casein ingredient that it says “fully replicates” the taste, texture, and function of animal-based casein.

“Casein, a key component in animal-based dairy products, is a milk protein that creates a stable emulsion, preventing fat and water from separating, giving milk its smooth texture,” the company’s press release states. “Pureture has successfully recreated casein using yeast-based, fully plant–based materials that offer comparable functionality to milk, a better taste and nutrition panel, and sustainable and lower-priced ingredients.”

The company says its plant-based casein is Non-GMO Project Verified and can be used as an additive to cheeses and other alternative-dairy products, including milk and yogurt. In cheeses, the ingredient helps to maintain meltability and stretchiness. It is also said to be more clean-label than “other alternatives” by eliminating the need for added starches, gums, and emulsifiers. The ingredient is said to have a neutral taste, smell, and color.

The company adds, “Due to its proprietary technology, and method of production, Pureture can price its casein at a lower cost than the market average. The brand plans to collaborate with major dairy companies to co-brand its plant-based casein and partner with global ingredients vendors to expand its usage.”