ProBiotix Health adds CholBiomeVH formula to cardiovascular probiotics line


CholBiomeVH addresses vascular health and joins the three other cardiovascular ingredients in ProBiotix’s CholBiome line.

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ProBiotix Health Plc (UK) is now offering a private-label probiotic formula called CholBiomeVH. Targeting the heart health market, CholBiomeVH leverages ProBiotix Health’s experience in probiotics. The formula joints three other existing formulas in the CholBiome cardiovascular probiotic line: CholBiome, CholBiomex3, and CholBiomeBP.

All of these formulas feature the ProBiotix LPLDL Lactobacillus plantarum probiotic ingredient. This patented probiotic strain has been shown to improve key cardiovascular biomarkers, including cholesterol (reducing LDL and increasing HDL) and blood pressure.

The company describes CholBiomeVH as “a vascular health formula that combines three specialized ingredients in a triple-layer tablet." It comprises LPLDL, thiamine, and Vitamin K2 Vital (from Kappa Bioscience) "to provide a multi-targeted mechanism to work against the buildup of lipid and calcium deposits in blood vessels.”

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