Probiotic toothpaste from Designs For Health supports healthy balance of oral bacteria


The toothpaste also contains purified silver, CoQ10, and grape seed extract.

Photo from Designs For Health

Photo from Designs For Health

Designs For Health has launched a new toothpaste designed to maintain dental and oral health and to support a healthy oral microbial balance. The new PerioBiotic Silver toothpaste contains the trademarked Dental-Lac Lactobacillus paracasei probiotic strain in addition to a nano-hydroxyapatite purified silver, CoQ10, and grape seed extract.

According to the company, “Dental-Lac has been shown in clinical research to help support a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth and overall periodontal health.” Meanwhile, it says, “Purified silver may support overall oral wellness, CoQ10 may help support gum health, and grape seed extract may help healthy inflammatory support.” The product contains no fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin, BPAs, parabens, synthetic colors, gluten, dairy, or synthetic sweeteners. It is also considered vegetarian, and is offered in spearmint and lemon flavors.

The company adds in its press release: “Two unique functional ingredients in this formula are calcium hydroxyapatite and hydrated silica. Hydroxyapatite is the primary mineral component of healthy tooth enamel, which can be worn down over time by acidic food and drinks, harsh orthodontic glues and braces, and microbial imbalances within the mouth. Incorporating calcium hydroxyapatite into one’s daily routine may help promote healthy tooth enamel and overall shine. Hydrated silica may possess natural cleaning properties and promote the teeth’s natural brightness.”

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