Probi Expands in Dairy with Probiotic Licensing Agreement


Probi has acquired a license for two probiotics strains from Swedish biotech company Probac for use in functional foods and dairy products especially.

Photo © ValentynVolkov

Photo © ValentynVolkov

Swedish probiotics firm Probi AB is adding two new probiotic strains designed for dairy products to its line of functional food ingredients. The announcement comes as a result of a licensing agreement signed with Probac, a Swedish biotechnology company, and also includes intellectual property (IP) rights for two additional patented strains for future product development.

“We regard this acquisition of new probiotic strains as a great opportunity to grow our functional food business area by adding the dairy segment to our offer,” says Peter Nählstedt, CEO of Probi.

Probi’s licensing agreement covers global markets with the exception of Nordic countries, where the Norrmejerier dairy company owns the rights for the strains, which are featured in its Verum range of yogurt, soured milk, and other dairy products. The strains have been researched for potential benefits to gastrointestinal health and immune support, notes Probi.

“There is a strong global market potential for functional food with probiotics,” says Nählstedt. “These strains have been used in the Verum dairy products for quite some years with proven success, and they will give us the opportunity to develop new product applications.”

In addition, the licensing agreement includes IP rights for two thermostable strains, which Probi says will allow for “new applications in new and growing market segments.” Probac’s strains join Probi’s existing line of probiotics marketed for gut health, immune support, and iron absorption, which are featured in chilled beverages such as ProViva and GoodBelly.


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