Press Release: Now Foods Launches Vitamin C Effervescent with High-Absorption TransportC-Plus


TransportC-PLUS is said to reduce the oxidative stress of virgin vitamin C after consumption, improving bioavailability over longer periods of time.

Press release: Helios Corp.

Helios CORP, a global seller of branded ingredients with human clinical studies, is pleased to announce TransportC-PLUS™ as one of the key ingredients in the March 15, 2012, launch of efferC™, as manufactured and sold by NOW Foods of Bloomingdale, IL. 

TransportC-PLUS™ is a high-absorption Vitamin C that is known to help the re-generation of Vitamin C in the blood stream. TransportC-PLUS™ is a patented combination of Vitamin C and Mineral Salts, which greatly reduces the oxidative stress of virgin Vitamin C after consumption, thus significantly increasing the bioavailability of this patented formula over longer periods of time, as compared to regular Vitamin C.

According to Jim Ritcheske, Product Marketing Manager at NOW Foods, “effer-C™ is a result of the extensive evaluation and development by the NOW Foods science team to find a consumer friendly effervescent delivery system to maximize the use of Electrolytes, Antioxidants, and Vitamins for the benefit of Energy and Immunity Support. We have started the market launch with three exceptional flavors: Elderberry, Orange, and Lemon-Lime. The presence of TransportC-PLUS will transform the expectations of consumers so that they can be the recipient of this next generation effervescent drink with the benefits of both Energy and Immunity.”

TransportC-PLUS™ has been changing the perception of the beverage category that along with meeting RDA values per serving the consumer can receive science and technology at the same time. An ingredient that provides significant availability of Vitamin C over a longer period of time as compared to regular Vitamin C where a very large percentage dissipates through the kidney’s usually within 45 minutes, depending on body mass and metabolism, TransportC-PLUS will change this perception as the "Next Generation Vitamin C.”

About Helios CORP: Helios Corp. is a privately owned and global company that develops new ideas, science, and cultural remedies backed by human clinical studies.  These ingredients can then be translated into commercial applications for the benefit of manufacturers and consumers. Claims and representations are based on the information, data, clinical studies, and remedies as provided by our science and manufacturing partners.

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