Powdered peanut butter maker launches first-ever preworkout products

The two new products are designed to support intensity and endurance during exercise.

PB2 Foods, maker of powdered peanut butter products, is delving into the sports nutrition world with the launch of its first-ever preworkout products. The two new products are designed for intensity and endurance support. Both products provide 10 g of complete protein, contain no added sugar, and are 100% vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, the firm says.

The Tart Cherry High-Intensity Blend product is designed to provide a boost prior to high-intensity workouts with a blend of vegetable ingredients and caffeine. The Raspberry Endurance Blend product combines medium-chain triglycerides and caffeine to support endurance levels during training.

“We’re very excited for loyal PB2 fans and new customers alike to try our premium PB2 Performance Plant Pre-Workout superfood powders,” Craig Entwistle, CEO of PB2 Foods, said in a press release. “Pre-workout products currently on the market tend to be supplements with lots of caffeine. By dialing back the caffeine—our PB2 Performance Plant Pre-Workout formulas contain the equivalent of about one cup of coffee per serving—and adding clean, plant-based protein, we’ve created a pre-workout superfood that is ideal for athletes of all types.”