Polaris launches high concentration microalgae DHA ingredient


Polaris launched Omegavie DHA 800 algae oil, sourced from microalgae that is rich in vitamins, proteins, pigments, and enzymes.


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Polaris (Quimper, France) launched Omegavie DHA 800 algae oil, sourced from microalgae (Schizochytrium sp.) that is rich in vitamins, proteins, pigments, and enzymes. The ingredient offers a plant-based and sustainable origin for polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). It is produced in France and uses Polaris’ patented Qualitysilver technology to protect and improve the stability of microalgae. Omegavie DHA 800 is unique because of its high potency, offering a minimum of 800 mg/g of DHA.

“Offering high concentrations allows our customers to free up space in their capsules and to develop formulations with other active ingredients,” said Stephanie Lennon, NPD and formulation manager, in a press release. “It can save up to 30% of space. Smaller capsules mean smaller packaging, reduced costs and carbon impact, more storage space on the shelf. It also means only one capsule a day of a smaller size, making it easier to swallow for end consumers.”

Omegavie microalgae is cultivated in a strictly controlled green environment. It is extracted using a natural enzymatic process using water with no solvents and is subjected to Polaris’ refining, purification, and deodorization process, which eliminates potential traces of residual contaminants to the extent that they are undetectable.  

To ensure taste, Polaris created a patented Sensory product range using proprietary and innovative technology. The technology enables exceptional organoleptic quality for an optimal ingestion without any off notes in the finished products. Sensory helps to add innovative functional ingredients such as Omegavie algae oils into finished products such as functional foods.

“During the past few years, Polaris has chosen to focus on the source of tomorrow’s Omega-3: microalgae. The increasing demand for Omega-3 by the world’s population will be a major challenge over the next two decades,” said Louis-Marie Martin, vice president of sales and marketing, in a press release. “Polaris has always been committed to the use of fisheries co-products and raw materials from sustainable fisheries, but today we need to go further. This is the reason why we have focused our strategic development on microalgae”

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