Phenolaeis introduces functional dark chocolate with Palm Fruit Extract for white labeling


The water-soluble Palm Fruit Extract is rich in polyphenols and phytonutrients, and enhances the taste and mouthfeel of the chocolate.

palm fruit extract

Image courtesy of Phenolaeis

Phenolaeis (Cambridge, MA), the supplier of sustainable Palm Fruit Extract, has developed a functional dark chocolate concept available for white labeling. The new functional chocolate contains 72% cacao, ideal for healthier chocolate products with high polyphenolic content, with short runs of 40- to 80-gram bars of dark as well as milk chocolate available for companies to test consumer appeal. The Palm Fruit Extract, a new superfruit derived from the oil of palm fruit using solvent-free, minimally processed handling is composed of at least five natural polyphenols, fibers, carbohydrates and protein. Its soluble fiber is a carrier of various bioactive components.

Beyond the water-soluble polyphenols and phytonutrients, Palm Fruit Extract also offers better mouthfeel, minimizing the bitterness of chocolate and enhancing creaminess, as well as stevia synergy, enabling formulators to deliver great-tasting, sugar-free chocolate by minimizing off flavors. As a water-soluble powder, Palm Fruit Extract is a turnkey base that can be easily incorporated into multiple types of chocolate delivery systems, and finished applications ranging from chocolate-coated healthy grain and protein bars to ready-to-drink beverages.

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