PharmaLinea is launching a new, clinically studied sleep supplement for the private-label market


The product contains a unique, patented ingredient backed by nine clinical trials showing higher sleep efficiency, among other benefits.

Photo from Pharmalinea

Photo from Pharmalinea

Private-label supplements developer PharmaLinea (Ljubljana, Slovenia) is launching its latest product, this time for sleep health. The company’s >Your< Good Night Acute Sticks are now available to transform into private-label products for sleep.

>Your< Good Night Acute Sticks contain a unique, patented ingredient called Qnight that is backed by nine clinical trials showing higher sleep efficiency, among other benefits, the firm says. This patented ingredient includes melatonin, magnesium, and vitamin B6.

“>Your< Good Night Acute Sticks are a clinically supported, private-label food supplement for the improvement of several sleep-quality parameters and an immediate effect on acute sleep-latency issues,” the company’s marketing materials state. “They are based on a unique patented ingredient with nine clinical trials showing results such as 73% higher sleep efficiency...”

On November 16, 2023, at 10:00-11:00 CEST, the company will host a virtual launch of the product, delivering more information including on the product’s scientific background, market data, as well as the competitive landscape it faces and ideas for product positioning. Register for this event here.

The company points out that in the last three years, the stress and sleep market has been the fastest-growing segment within dietary supplements. Matevž Ambrožič, marketing and PR director for PharmaLinea, said in marketing materials that though this category is growing, a Euromonitor Health & Nation Survey showed that in 2022, over 25% of global consumers expressed dissatisfaction towards the current sleep treatments they take.

“As stress and sleep is the fastest-growing dietary supplement category for the third year in a row, consumers’ interest in sleeping issues is evidently much more than a temporary post-pandemic trend,” Ambrožič added. “Sleeping disorders have been in the top consumer health concerns in the past years, and according to Euromonitor, getting enough sleep is one of the ways they now define health. However, sleeping problems are also the category where consumers are the least satisfied with their current treatment and are frequently looking for new solutions, which presents a market opportunity for value-added solutions, such as >Your< Good Night Acute Sticks.”

>Your< Good Night Acute Sticks aim to fill certain supplement needs in the current sleep market. Maja Orešnik, science and research director at PharmaLinea, added, “Good sleep is much more than just falling asleep quickly, and consumers are starting to realize this. However, most of the products on the market are based on commodity herbals with questionable efficacy (only relying on historical use and bibliographical data), the formulations are highly repetitive, and they lack clinical support. They also fail to address sleep quality holistically through parameters such as sleep duration, efficiency, disturbances, daytime dysfunctions, and so forth. Properly addressing these parameters is important due to good sleep being essential for various physiological systems.”

Pharmalinea also offers other options in the >Your< Good Night product line, including melatonin-free formulas for children and adults.

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