Pharmactive launches new kiwi fruit extract for the promotion of protein digestion


Pharmactive is positioning the product to three different health demographics: sports enthusiasts, the elderly, and vegans.

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Pharmactive (Madrid, Spain) has unveiled a kiwi extract called KWD+ to promote protein digestion, which the company is positioning to three different health demographics: sports enthusiasts, the elderly, and vegans. Kiwi fruit is well-known for its antioxidant activity and positive impact on digestions, which can be attributed to the presence of actinidin, an enzyme that helps break down proteins and enhance their absorption.

KWD+ is standardized to at least 0.15% actinidin, and 0.1% Aktinnamics, a set of characteristic kiwi antioxidants, chiefly phenolic compounds, that have shown anti-inflammatory properties in vitro and in vivo. Sourced from traditionally cultured kiwi fruits in New Zealand, Pharmactive states that it applies its proprietary technology to concentrate to the proteolytic enzymes five-fold more than fresh kiwi fruit.

“KWD+ can be beneficial for several classes of populations,” says Jean-Marie Raymond, CEO for Pharmactive, in a press release. “In the sports nutrition arena, KWD+ could be instrumental in promoting a better harnessing of proteins among sport professionals and highly active adults. This could help reduce the excessive protein intake, especially among those involved in high-powered physical disciplines, such as powerlifting and bodybuilding. Excess intake of dietary protein has been associated with a number of health risks. KWD+ serves as a perfect complement to high-protein diets and can be added to post workout protein bars and shakes.”

There are also those who are unable to process enough protein such as aging people. “People in their forties and older, especially women, can lose up to 1-2% muscular mass each year due to the gradual decline in protein absorption that unfortunately comes with ageing,” explains Raymond.

“The standardization of the actives in KWD+ allows us to establish a precise dosage to improve the digestion of some proteins difficult to digest, for example, gluten, soy protein, or beef muscle,” adds Alberto Espinel, director of IP & Open Innovation for Pharmactive. “Vegetarians and vegans can use the benefits of KWD+ to increase the biologic value of vegetable proteins and get more out of less.”

KWD+ can be used in soft-gels, syrups, and powders, as well as integrated into food and beverage applications. Pharmactive recommends that it be consumed at a daily dose of 300 mg for general maintenance of digestive wellness and 600 mg before a heavy meal.

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