Pea protein firm Puris debuting fava protein and pectin-free gummies made with pea starch at SupplySide West


The company also recently added a new, second spray dryer to boost capacity.

Photo from Puris

Puris will roll out several “firsts” for the company at this week’s SupplySide West show. The pea protein supplier will debut its newest venture, fava bean protein, as well as gummies made from pea starch.

Puris’s president, Tyler Lorenzen, explained in a press release how the company’s expertise in producing organic, non-GMO pea protein gives it the expertise necessary to branch into fava bean protein. Puris fava bean protein will be available starting next year and can be used in many food applications, including dry beverage blends, bars, snacks, and plant-based meats.

“We felt it was important to demonstrate to the market that we have the ability to continue to innovate, create, and push the plant-based protein market forward through commercialization of new novel protein ingredients,” Lorenzen said in the press release.

The company also highlights the achievements made possible by its pure, ultra-white pea starch, which it says has unique qualities compared with corn, tapioca, and potato starches. The company is offering Puris pea starch as an option to replace “unwanted and less-sustainable” starches, including corn starch and “offshore-imported” tapioca starch, as well as to reduce the use of expensive gums.

Most recently, the company created pectin-free gummies using the pea starch. “And because it’s unlike corn starch, we are able to let the true flavor of the gummies shine,” said Puris chief marketing officer Jon Getzinger, in a press release. “Our pea starch continues to amaze us as it shows the ability to replace much more expensive (and less label friendly) gums in everything from ready-to-drink beverages to confections.”

Finally, the company is highlighting the fact that it recently added a new, second spray dryer to boost capacity. Visit Booth #5736 to learn more.

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