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Swelite is a non-genetically-modified pea ingredient that contains both dietary fiber and starch. Suited for meat, poultry, fish, and vegetarian products, as well as sauces and dressings, Swelite is free of allergens, cholesterol, gluten, and lactose. It is naturally derived from yellow peas without the use of organic solvents and provides excellent fat- and water-binding properties, says the supplier. Its starch granules gelatinize, enhancing its water-binding capacity. As a result, the company says that it acts as a shape-retention agent and also provides texture and yield. In cold emulsions, Swelite can stabilize five parts of water and five parts of fat, with even more impressive results for hot emulsions.

A&B Ingredients Inc. (Fairfield, NJ), 973/794-1188,

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