OptiBiotix debuts prebiotic ingredient for sports nutrition


LeanBiome comprises prebiotic and dietary fibers plus a trace mineral.

Photo © iStockphoto.com

Photo © iStockphoto.com

Microbiome ingredients firm OptiBiotix Health Plc (UK) has introduced a new ingredient, LeanBiome, for the sports nutrition market. The ingredient comprises prebiotic and dietary fibers plus a trace mineral. It is said to support lean body composition and gut health.

In a press release, René Kamminga, CEO of OptiBiotix Ltd., a subsidiary of OptiBiotix Health Plc, said, “There is now growing scientific evidence that there is an anecdotal link between the microbiome and sports nutrition health. Research suggests that modifying our gut microbiota by using probiotics and prebiotics could improve general wellbeing, performance, and energy for individuals partaking in sport. LeanBiome has been specifically formulated with the needs of sports enthusiasts in mind and builds on our core expertise in microbiome modulation for improved health. The ingredient has been developed to increase levels of positive microbes, such as Bifidobacteria, to counterbalance the drawbacks associated with an unbalanced diet, such as the reduction of toxic metabolites.”

LeanBiome launched this January in European and Asian markets. The company expects a North American launch later this year. OptiBiotix says it has signed a supply and licensing agreement with a British e-commerce beauty and nutrition company to manufacture and sell finished products containing LeanBiome in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

In addition to LeanBiome, OptiBiotix Health Plc offers prebiotic ingredients SlimBiome (for weight management) and WellBiome (for digestive, heart, and metabolic health). Its subsidiary ProBiotix Health, meanwhile, develops products based on its patented Lactobacillus plantarum LPLDL probiotic strain, including for cardiovascular health.

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