Nutritional Outlook’s 2022 Best of the Industry Award Winners

Nutritional OutlookNutritional Outlook Vol. 25 No. 10
Volume 25
Issue 10

In Nutritional Outlook’s 2022 Best of the Industry Awards, we recognize individuals, groups, and companies whose initiatives today are helping to shape, for the better, the state of the dietary supplement and natural products industry.

In Nutritional Outlook’s Best of the Industry awards this year, we are highlighting three winners for their contributions in 2022.

These are companies investing in the future. Take this year’s Industry Leader, Brightseed. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Brightseed and its partners are discovering the world’s next generation of ingredients that will benefit human health. Some of these discoveries are already coming to market, and in our awards story, we recognize the company’s many advances this year.

Our second award winner, in the Ingredient Supplier category, is Natures Crops International, a company that’s dedicated itself to developing Ahiflower, a sustainable, plant-derived source of omega fatty acids. The company is spreading the word that a non-marine source of omegas is possible—and is sorely needed by a world deficient in these critical nutrients.

Finally, we recognize TriNutra Ltd., a company working to elevate standards and quality in the black seed product market specifically. The company is shining a light on what exactly companies and consumers need to look for to identify high-quality ingredients—something we can all appreciate.

These companies are looking to the future of the industry and charting a better path forward in health and wellness in ways that will benefit not only the companies themselves but all of us.

Join us in congratulating our 2022 Best of the Industry award winners. Read their stories and stay tuned for the upcoming December episode of The Nutritional Outlook Podcast in which we take you beyond the page with one-on-one interviews with each of our award winners.

Jennifer Grebow


2022 Award Winners:

Industy Leader: Brightseed

Ingredient Supplier: Natures Crops International

Ingredient Supplier: TriNutra Ltd.

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