NutriOriginal’s new TurmiMax Bio turmeric extract offers high bioavailability, absorption, and water dispersibility


NutriOriginal developed TurmiMax Bio together with Star-Hi Herbs in Bangalore, India.

Photo © Rohde

Photo © Rohde

Ingredient supplier NutriOriginal (Fairfield, NJ) has launched a brand new ingredient: TurmiMax Bio, which is a turmeric extract the company says offers “exceptional bioavailability, enhanced absorption, and full dispersion and sustainability in water.” NutriOriginal developed TurmiMax Bio together with Star-Hi Herbs in Bangalore, India.

The ingredient blends naturally occurring curcuminoids with the proprietary OptiBio Assurance process. According to the companies’ press release, “These novel advancements enable to potent curcuminoids in TurmiMax Bio to be optimally assimilated and utilized in the body and deliver maximum health benefits. With a 3-to-1 potency advantage compared to standardized 95%-curcuminoid turmeric ingredients, TurmiMax Bio enables efficacious, lower dosing and is a cost-effect and highly efficient formulation solution for supplements, functional foods, and beverages.”

The ingredient is suited for a wide range of delivery formats, including liquid supplements, functional beverages, shots, gummies, and foods. NutriOriginal adds that the turmeric in TurmiMax Bio is sourced from local farmers in India who cultivate crops without using chemicals and following USDA Organic farming processes.

“Only TurmiMax Bio offers a patented and scientifically proven, true 95%-curcuminoid extract that provides exceptional bioavailability; is 100% water dispersible; cultivated to USDA Organic standards; water soluble over time; free of additives and exceptions; and vertically integrated from farm-to-customer,” the press release adds.

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