NutriLeads launches organic version of BeniCaros immune-health ingredient


BeniCaros Organic was certified by Netherlands-based organization SKAL.

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An organic version of immune-health ingredient BeniCaros is now available. The ingredient, comprising prebiotic carrot fiber rhamnogalacturonan-I (RG-I) and developed by NutriLeads BV (Wageningen, the Netherlands), is suited for foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

BeniCaros Organic was certified by SKAL, “the national organization in the Netherlands that ensures compliance with European Union organic regulations,” explained NutriLeads in a press release. “Under an equivalency agreement, products certified to EU or USDA organic standards may be sold, labeled, and represented as organic within the European Union and the United States.”

Said NutriLeads: “Certification of BeniCaros Organic assures manufacturers and formulators that this product complies with strict standards covering every aspect of production. This includes seeds, soil conditions, weed and pest management, storage, and recordkeeping. BeniCaros has a completely traceable supply chain and is manufactured using a proprietary, all-natural extraction and purification process that utilizes only water.”

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