NSF International Launches On-Label DNA Authentication Mark for Botanical Ingredients


NSF says that its new DNA Authenticated mark will enable suppliers “to verify the identity and purity of raw ingredients.”

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NSF International (Ann Arbor, MI) is launching an on-label DNA authentication mark for products that are DNA tested through NSF’s its recently launched independent testing protocol and verification program for raw botanical ingredients used in the dietary supplement industry. Ingredients that have been verified through NSF’s program will bear NSF’s DNA Authenticated Mark, and suppliers will be able to provide certificates on shipments of verified ingredients. NSF says that the certification mark will enable suppliers “to verify the identity and purity of raw ingredients.”

In a press statement, the organization noted that the DNA Authenticated verification “requires next-generation sequencing DNA testing of every lot or batch that bears the mark.” Jesse Miller, PhD, director of applied research, NSF International, explained how suppliers and manufacturers can benefit from NSF’s DNA authentication process. “With complex global supply chains and fraudulent ingredients popping up in unexpected places, DNA authentication of raw ingredients is a prudent step for supplement manufacturers who are concerned about the quality and purity of products. With the new DNA Authenticated mark, manufacturers, suppliers and, ultimately, consumers can be absolutely sure the ingredients they choose have been accurately identified."

NSF’s DNA authentication is one of several components of its testing program. The organization also screens for adulteration, contamination, allergens, and fillers. In addition, the organization tests and certifies dietary supplements and ingredients to the American National Standard for dietary supplements, as well as for its Certified for Sport certification process.

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